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Special Jewelry Care

Glass filled (fissure filled) Ruby: Facture filling of Rubies is a common procedure to improve color and clarity. Lead glass filled in provides the gemstone good to poor stability. To care for it, don’t let it come in contact with chemicals in household cleaners, steam cleaners, and ultrasonic cleaners. Also avoid jeweler’s torches as heat can make glass melt out.

Glass filled (fissure filled) Sapphire: Occasionally Sapphires are lead glass filled to improve color and clarity of the gemstone. It exhibits fair to poor stability which needs proper care. Avoid household cleaners as they contain chemical which may damage it, heat from steam cleaners and jeweler’s torch and ultrasonic cleaner.

Ammolite: Ammolite is very soft stone. The fossilized gem only needs normal care whereas Ammolite doublet/triplet should be handled gently. Watch scratches; avoid abrasives, heat, and solvents and chemicals in ultrasonic cleaners.

Opal: Opal is a porous gem and thus has the tendency to absorb. In general, the best way to care Opal is to avoid water, heat, harshcleaning agents and ultrasonic cleaners. Keep away from perfume; simply clean with a soft cloth. If the gemstone is oiled or resin infused do not re-polish. Rigorous temperature change should be avoided on dyed Peruvian Opal.

Doublets & Triplets: Avoid abrasives, solvents, heat (may be from sunlight and jeweler’s torch), steam cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, perfume, and alcohol. Clean with soft damp cloth only. Do not place doublets and triplets in water or any cleaning solvent. Re-polishing triplets should be avoided.

Pearl: From basic care to avoiding sudden temperature fluctuations, chemicals in household cleaners, cosmetics, perfumes and hairsprays, heat and ultrasonic cleaners Pearls require gentle handling.

Turquoise:Natural turquoise is soft and porous gem. Clean gently with damp cloth piece only and do not soak. Avoid contact with oil and colored fluid as the Turquoise may absorb them. The household chemicals, extreme heat, sudden temperature fluctuations, and ultrasonic cleaners should be kept off.

Coral: Coral needs normal, gentle care. Keep the gemstone off from ultrasonic cleaners, steam and extreme heat.

Coated diamonds: Sometimes CVD coating on diamonds add color to them. The coated diamondfancy color exhibits poor stability. Discoloration may occur due to harsh chemicals in ultrasonic cleaners and alcohol. Polishing and re-cutting may also take the color off.

Diffusion treated Sapphires and other gemstones: Sapphire, Ruby and Andesine-Labradorite are enhanced by surface diffusion or beryllium lattice diffusion. It requires extended care, hence, keep the gem away from jeweler's torches and avoid re-polishing / re-cutting, chipping, and scratching.