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Ring Guide

Ring is the expressive circle; a promise of love, nobility and cherish. Our ring guide will help you know your ring well. Scroll down to read popular ring styles, diverse settings and shoulder styles.

Ring Types

band ringBands:
This type of ring is perhaps the simplest wedding band. The unremitting circle symbolizes the eternal togetherness perfectly. Smooth inner surface and shaped or flat outer surface without any embellishment has the depth of refined style. The style is gentle fit on dainty fingers.

solitaireSolitaire Rings:
Solitaire rings are minimalist style that concentrates all the allure in single large diamond or gemstone used as centerpiece. Prong settingtechnique position the gem in place while the solid shoulder supports it. For the inimitable style solitaire is held in bezel, tension, or invisible setting. A special shape stone and different shank is an added attraction.

eternity ringEternity Rings:
Eternity ring propose setting identical cut, carat and size gemstones in single row that extends all across the outer surface. The most common shape of stone is round or square and setting is prong or claw and channel. The half eternity is also classy in which the stones are rooted in a semi-circular manner.

cluster ringCluster Rings:
Bunch of stones structure the central focus point in cluster rings. The assent stones are grouped together in a definite pattern without or very less interspaces. There can be aesthetic mix of varying size stones forming the bold centre. It is a popular Engagement Ring style.

three stone ringThree Stone Rings:
Three Stone ring is classic Engagement Ring; centre stone is flanked by two stones on either side. Each stone represents relationship’s past, present and future. Prong setting keeps the stones safe.

five stone ringFive Stone Rings:
Similar to three stone ring, five stone ring is a series of prong set five identical cut stones. The stones may be all the same or combination of two gems.

trinity ringTrinity Ring:
Trinity rings pair three rings together. They may be all metal or with gemstones.

cocktail ringDinner or Cocktail Ring:
These oversized rings are dramatic. Precious and semi-precious stones set in the ring are an instant boost to the charming personality. Their bling is carried with any outfit for wearing bold look at the evening. Cocktail ring is also called ‘Statement Ring’.

halo ringHalo Ring:
The heirloom halo ring is an audacious style in which the center diamond or gem is surrounded by micropave diamonds. It is one of the popular Engagement Rings.

wedding ringMatching Wedding Ring:
Matching bridal set ensure two circular wraps befit each other as part of puzzle. The central big stone of an engagement ring should well fit the matching wedding band.

side stone ringSide Stone Ring:
Side stones are mounted around the centre stone. These accent stones are mounted in channel setting or prong setting. In general, 3 to 5 stones are selected.

promise ring Promise Ring:
It is the pre-engagement ring. Often inexpensive ring that is gifted her to symbolize the commitment in relationship.

Ring Settings

Bar Setting:
U-shaped metal bars on either side of stones in bar setting technique keep them safe.
bar setting

Flush Setting:
Flush setting is very protective. The gem is rooted in metal without projection. Many stones are not set alongside, rather they are scattered on the surface.
flush settingflush setting

Bezel Setting:
Metal rim in bezel setting protects as well as beautify the gem.
bezel setting

Half Bezel Setting:
Half bezel setting refers to metal framing that wraps partially around the stone.
bezel setting

Channel Setting:
Channel settingsecure row of stones set within metal band. The setting maintains flow of larger stones and also protects its edges.
channel settingchannel setting

Invisible Setting:
Several stones placed next to one another with no visible metal are the case of invisible setting. The brilliance of stone is enhanced by uninterrupted beam of light. Princess cut diamonds are ideal for an invisible setting.
invisible settinginvisible setting

Pave Setting:
Pave setting includes small stones closely in a pattern to cover it completely. The inspiring sparkle of pave set gemstones is tempting.
pave setting

Prong Setting:
Prong setting is also called ‘Claw setting’. Metal claws or prongs, protruding from the base secures the stone. I t is widely used technique. The number of prongs depends on style and design of the ring. For example, Solitaire rings use 4-6 prongs to hold large gem in place. Princess cut gemstones are secured in special V-prongs.
prong settingprong setting

Cathedral Setting:
Cathedral setting resembles arches of the cathedral. The stone is framed within arched shoulders.
cathedral setting

Tension Setting:
Floating gem is secured between two split ends of band. The sleek tension setting is modern approach.
tension settingtension settingtension setting

Cluster Setting:
A cluster setting groups loosely or compactly packed stones in several levels.
cluster setting

Illusion Setting:
The settingincludes a reflective metal plate encircling the stones. Illusion setting boosts the appearance of the stone.
illusion setting

Ring Shoulder Styles

  • Overlapping
  • Encrusted/Milgrain
  • Flared
  • Double
  • Claw set
  • Twisted
  • Tapering
  • Solid
  • Split
  • Open
  • Parallel
  • Channel Set