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Necklace and Pendant Guide


Necklace is classic adornment worn around neck that enhance look of women. It is an easy compliment to any dressing as they add clever statement and excitement to your neckline. Range of diamond, gemstone or pearl strands has been adorable by women. The insight on basic categorization of necklaces, their suitability according to length and necklines suggests right select. Most necklaces fall under one of these classifications-

opera necklaceOpera Necklace:
This is a formal style necklace which hangs down and touches the base of chest. Opera necklace is about 28”-30” long. The opera chains with startling pendant are worn over a shirt or blouse. Create high voltage drama by wearing opera necklace over turtle neck.

choker necklace Choker:
Chokers are worn just near the base of neck, highlighting shoulders. The length varies between 14” to maximum 16 inches. This casual, smart and semi formal style is ideal to don with spaghetti tops or tube tops.

collar necklaceCollar Necklace:
Falling on the collarbone, this necklace is 12"-13" in length. Short yet possessing great charm, they can be a gorgeous accompaniment for evening, V neck or low v cut dress or off- shoulder tank top.

princess necklacePrincess Necklace:
Princess Length necklace suits both casual and formal occasions. A necklace hanging over the collarbone suits any style of dressing as long as it comes below the neckline of the outfit. It should lie between 17 to 19 inches in length.

matinee NecklaceMatinee Necklace:
The necklace which is about 24 inches long is termed Matinee Necklace. The long chain with pendant gels well with high neck or very low cut tops and no in-betweens.



Pendant necklace has been very popular trend. Opposed to series of gemstones or diamonds pendant is small dangling piece of jewelry that hover around the neck through metal chain. Single incredible pendant highlights the beauty of a necklace or chain. Pendants are most viable option for gifting to loved ones. Some of the popular styles available in myriad designs and sizes are-

solitaire pendantSolitaire Pendant:
This ageless style focuses attention solely on the beautiful diamond or gem. Solitaire pendantscan be worn with casual denims or formal dress.It is must have in jewelry wardrobe of women.

three stone diamond pendantThree-stone Diamond & Gemstones Pendant:
Contemporary three-stone pattern showcase a vertical arrangement where center diamond is flanked by two diamonds. The same allure can be achieved in precious gemstone combination.

Metal Design Pendant:
All-metal pendant in silver, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum is an interesting everyday accessory. The design may be simple to elaborate. Very Popular styles include monograms which gives it very personal touch, be it an engraved name or a romantic message. It is delighting for a young girl to receive a fashionable personalized sterling silver necklace gift.
Men also enjoy contemporary designs in gold, silver and platinum. The pendants exclusively demonstrates macho image in bold patterns.

heart pendantHeart pendant:
A romantic heart shape classic solitaire diamond or gemstone heart pendant radiates brilliance and beauty. For enhanced appeal the heart shape may be jacketed by a halo. It suits simple and classic clothing styles perfectly.

cross pendantCross pendants:
Traditional cross diamond pendants display exclusively shaped, mostly round brilliant-cut diamond in a prong setting. Diamond may be replaced by a gem.


Dainty sleek or thick chain is a must have classic accessory for it gels with almost all outfits.Chain can be worn on any occasion or can be part of your everyday dressing.Brilliant in its own, chains look good with pendant.While the sole hanging pendant is the highlight of pendant necklace, chain necklaces clubs lot of accents in single or multiple rows. Layering multiple chains compliments a chic appearance. The beads or pearls or gems like ornamentations make a statement necklace.

Following the simple principle of tonal quality of metals you can make choice between silver and gold or platinum. The warm tone of yellow gold boosts dusky complexions, while platinum or white gold chains complement fairer skin.There are so many chain styles available that are listed below but you also need to consider the length, the link style and the link thickness of them.

Types/ Styles-

Box chain/ Venetian chain 

box chain


bead chain


byzantine chain

Curb chain

curb chain

Cable chain

cable chain

Figaro chain

figaro chain

Rolo chain

rolo chain

Rope chain

rope chain


snake chain


wheat chain

Prestige Jewelry club suggestion on what is the correct minimum length of necklace?

Everyone has their preferences. Different necklace lengths portray diverse style. Equipping your wardrobe with various length necklaces can ensure each style to befit an exclusive outfit.

Assessing an ideal necklace length which fits you suggest keeping the estimated length 2 to 4 inch longer than the size of neck or plus or minus the size according to your built. Commonly approximate by measuring the circumference of your own neck. Choose a chain that lie along the collarbone and allow half inch of clothe per inch of necklace length.

In general, men's chain average 18, 20 or 24 inches while a chain for women commonly sizes 14, 16, 18 or 20 inches.