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Jewelry has great sentimental value attached to it. You want eternal shine for your jewelry. The proper cleaning and care of jewelry maintains shine like on the day it was bought. Every kind of jewelry needs cleaning whether with professional cleansing agent or homemade cleansers. The enlisted tips on jewelry care will enable you to enjoy you and jewelry each other.

Jewelry care

  • When they are not being worn, jewelry should be wrapped in soft cotton fabric like muslin wrap or in its original packaging to prevent any damage and keep in a dry environment.

  • Put on jewelry after spraying perfume and deodorants on.

  • Protect any gem studded in jewelry from heat, and rapid air pressure changes and chemicals. Too hot water and detergents are harsh on gems. Take off your gem while washing dishes.

  • Gems arevery delicate.They arelikely to be scratched easily when in contact with any tough sharp abrasive articles. The surface, periphery and joints are most vulnerable.

  • Clean the body oils and perfume on gemstones mildly by facial tissue wipes or piece of silk. Toothpaste particles or ultrasonic cleaners can damage gentle stones like Opals.

  • Avoid wearing precious jewelry using bleach. Bleaches contain chlorine which may permanently discolor it.

  • Usually grime accumulates between prongs, around gem when washing your hands or applying lotions, remove your hand jewelry, especially rings to keep the settings clean.

  • The best solution to keep the shine of silver intact is wearing or alternatively storing silver jewelry in ant tarnish bags can also do the needful.

Jewelry Cleaning-

Silver- Tarnish turns off the usual liking for purity and sanctity of glittering white metal. Following easy methods can help in getting rid of filmy and dull silver jewelry.

  • A soft cloth dipped in the solution of mild dish soap and luke warm water would do the job. Rub the jewelry with this cloth until the dirt is cleaned. Rinsing with tap water followed by buffing with a cloth completes the process.

  • Baking soda is a time tested method for treating heavy tarnish. Make a cleaner paste by mixing three parts baking soda to one part water. Apply on damp silver article and rub with a soft cotton cloth. Rub, Rinse and dry.

  • Aluminum foil can do magic to your tarnished silver jewelry. Spread a piece of foil in tray and place the jewelry on it. Then dust baking soda over the jewelry forming a thin layer. Pour boiling water over it. Turn the jewelry repeatedly so that all the sides are cleaned. Due to the ion exchange between aluminum foil and silverware the tarnish will transfer from the jewelry to the foil. Now after rinse the jewelry will come out shinning.

  • Cleaning silver and gold jewelry is possible even when you are only with your regular toothpaste. Take pea sized dental cream or mix of tooth powder and water on palm. Rub it over jewelry with a cloth, the toothpaste is a mild abrasive that loosen up dirt. Soft-bristle toothbrush can aid in scrubbing.Rinse your jewelry in clean water to remove any residue. This method is the quickest and makes cleaning possible when you don’t have access to any other cleaning agent or when you're traveling.

Gold- The most glamorous and auspicious yellow metal also loses its luster because of dirt and grease accumulation. Few household tips below help to restore the shine of your gold jewelry.

  • Mix warm tap water with club soda or an Antacid tablet. Soak the jewelry in the solution for about 15 minutes. The carbonation process in the liquid release soil and waste build up. Take out grime from every groove of jewelry by scrubbing with soft bristle toothbrush.Take jewelry in strainer for rinse. A healthy rinse in normal running water will flush off any lingering dirt. Let it dry with soft cotton towel before wearing.

  • No often can you use ammonia for cleaning the gold jewelry.Since it is an acidic chemical and can corrode jewelry if they sit in ammonia mix for long; dilute a part of ammonia to six parts water. Soak the jewelry in the mixture for one minute or less. Strain the excess water after rinse. Dry the jewelry with a soft polishing cloth. Avoid cleaning jewelry with Pearls or soft materials and platinum as ammonia can damage them.

  • Plain gold jewelry might be boiled to clean heavily-soiled jewelry. Submerge jewelry in enough water and bring a boil, scrub with a soft bristle brush, the grime will float on the surface. Set out the jewelry along the boiling water in a strong bowl; cool. Dab to dry with a soft towel followed by air-dry.

Gems –Deposits of hand lotions, creams, gels and many others under gem setting and surface mars their looks. Layer of dirt under the gems blocks light making the stone facetless and flat which is uninteresting. Proper cleaning is required to maintain the charisma. Enhance the appearance by removing dirt with the below simple solutions and make the color stone jewelry sparkle.

  • The jewelry which has glued stones clean it with a solution dipped damp cloth. Wipe any smear or grime all over. Rinse with a cloth soaked in plain water. Dry and lay the pieces upside down to drip out any excess moisture from setting.

  • White vinegar is the cleaning agent apt for cleaning gold and gemstone jewelry. Soakthe jewelry into a container of vinegar for 10 to15 minutes. Scrub off any rigid dirt with soft-bristled toothbrush. Take away from the vessel, rinse and dry.

  • Pearls are very delicate; they can easily lose their luster so, they must be unsoiled with care. Lay the Pearl strand flat on a soft cloth. Clean each pearl with a small makeup brush dipped in a concoction of lukewarm water and shampoo like Woolite. Finally rinse the pearls with soaked cloth.

  • Porous stone like Turquoise is cleaned through no-soak treatment similar to Pearl. After cleaning with soapy solution and drying, let the air dry it for good time before storing.

  • Don’t let the Diamond jewelry lose sparkle, clean them simply with solution of ammonia and warm water. Soak the jewelry in it for about 15 minutes, use a soft-bristled toothbrush or wooden toothpick to push away any dirt underneath the stone. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

  • The regular glass cleaner is a popular cleaning method among jewelers. Spray window cleaner on oiled and dirty jewelry and just wipe with dry lint-free piece of cloth.

You can seek help of professional ultrasonic cleaner if you are not confident in using any of the above mentioned methods.