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Gemstone information

Nature shows many colors and these hues are imbibed into pretty colorful gemstone. Different saturation gives each of the crystal an amazing unique impression. The crystalline nature has given a diverse dimension to them; they may reflect pleochorism or trichroic properties. The eternal beauty of them is treasured and cherished from generations.

Not all the color stones used in jewelry are gemstone. Only the organic materials that are minerals, born from the earth, are gems. They are rare, durable, lustrous, vibrant colored and have high aesthetic value. Traditionally, Ancient Greeks categorized them into precious and semi-precious gemstones. Though over two hundred recognized gemstones are discovered across the planet yet our gemstone guide provides exquisite information on some of the most popular of them and will keep on adding more in future..

List of Popular Gemstones And Minerals-

List of popular Gemstones and Minerals