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Earring Guide

Types of Earrings

Studs earringStud Earrings:
Stud earrings are the basic style with or without assents. Gems singly set in bezel or prong contributes to exact definition. This is the most versatile style and looks great where minimal accessory is required. They are easier to maintain. Diamond, gemstone, or metal ball can be selected as studs.Both men and women can adorn them. Timeless elegant pieces are perfect to wear with any formal to casual dress.

Drop earringDrop Earrings:
Drop earrings are more feminine. They are fashioned in gemstone, diamond or all-metal styles. Length ranges from few inches long. Sometimes the same are specified as “Danglers” or “Dangling Earrings” when the length extends nearly to shoulders. This imperialist style compliments round faces as the length contour the faces and gives length to them.

Chandelier earringChandelier Earrings:
This is a cascading drop style earring. From the ear lobes to shoulders the earring shows different levels of gemstones and diamonds. The locks cascades few inches below the ear. They can be all-metal as well. Bold, feminine and dramatic; it completes the bridal look. Bedazzle the evening with hint of glamorous dramatic chandelier earrings.

Hoop earringHoop Earrings:
This earring style is bold circles or exclusive pointed or any unique shape. A wide range of sizes and thicknesses are available to give retro look to the wearer. Hoops are very young fashion that is synonymous to both trendy and classiness at the same time. Metal hoops are casted in gold, sterling silver, and platinum. The diamond studded hoops are the most elegant. Diamonds on them vary in number and size yet carries the best of sparkle in any setting.

Huggies earringHuggies:
Huggies are an extension to the popular hoop earrings. These are small, broad, plain or studded ornament hugging earlobes. Omega clasps are added for keeping securely it in place.

cluster earringCluster Earrings:
These are an arrangement of gems in striking pattern. They can be tops or danglers.

Halo earringHalo Earrings:
Be it studs or drops diamonds halo around a colored stone looks impressive. This princely style stud assortment features brilliant round diamonds framed in a milgrained design surrounding a centre diamond or bezel gem. Turn any special occasion into wonderful affair with striking halo earrings. Add a touch of clever sophistication to holiday celebration with a pair of halo studs.

Types of Earring backs

screw back earringScrew back:
Most commonly used backings in gold and platinum earrings. Screw back means the backing style has grooves on extreme half of the post and is screwed with to keep earring safe.

push back earringPush backs:
Push backs or “butterfly” backs simply works on push and pull mechanism. The smooth post inserted through the ear is further inserted into a metal piece behind the ear to hold earring.

French backs earringFrench backs:
Hinge or Omega back or French back, clip on backing system has metal loop that hinges around the smooth post. Earrings with French back behind the ear are easier to wear. The biggest drawback is hinge backs are not as durable as the other earring backs.

latch back earringLatch back:
A metal fishhook slides through the ear and concludes into the loop. This assembly is aforesaid latch back style. Latch backs are frequently seen on the back of hoop earrings.

Lever back earringLever back:
The lever back depends on a metal fishhook secured to the hinged lever behind the ear. The hook passes through the ear and gets attached to the lever that folds out on the back of the earring. This support is ideal for outsized precious jewelry.