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Bracelet Guide

The arm candies-bracelets are fabulous piece of jewelry that express style and reminds of evolving fashion trends. A bracelet is always appreciated on any occasion for the solidarity and class it expresses. Take a smart look at this bracelet guide that helps in knowing your right bracelet.

A bangle is the simplest bracelet without clasp which is just slipped on to arms. They are usually thin circle of plain gold or silver; sometimes they are decorated with enameling or gems or diamond. Multiple style and color bangles available today add fun and fluidity to the appearance. It is the most popular traditional accessory.

A modification of circular bangle, cuff is an ornate open bracelet that fits the wrist. The wide opened cuff opens at the inner part of the wrist and slide in sideways. They have a bold, dramatic appeal.

link braceletLink Bracelet:
Link bracelets use the charm of classic chain patterns. They can be assumed as short wrist sized chain with clasps. The curb style and Figaro style are most popular among men’s bracelets. Curb chains have flat roundish links with beveled sides while Figaro chain is designed as three short links followed by one long link.

chain braceletChain Bracelet:
This is all-metal classic bracelet. The ageless patterns of variable sized and shaped links create amazing chain designs. Some of the most popular varieties includes the box chain with square links, braided rope chain, textured wheat chain having oval and twisted links, thick round serpent-like snake chain and the mesh chain which connects great durability and flexibility. Chain bracelets enhance appearance with its graceful simplicity.

Tennis braceletTennis bracelet:
Also known as “line bracelet”, this is themost popular style which uses simple setting to boost the brilliance of diamonds.
The interesting incident happened in 1987 which led the name “tennis bracelet” says, during a match the in-line diamond bracelet of women tennis star Chris Evert broke and the diamond were dispersed in corners. The game stopped to collect the diamonds. It was only after this incident that this discreet elegant accessory has been popular and worn by tennis players and their fans.
This classic achieves a chic, contemporary look for teen girls. The elegance ofdiamond tennis bracelet matches up any clothing style. It is also a wonderful gift for anniversary to show eternal romance in your wedding.

pearls braceletPearl Bracelet:
The timeless elegance accessible in the pearl bracelet comes in an assortment of colors and sizes. Pearl bracelet is a fitting match to the pearl strand necklace.It gives smart touch to anything formal or casual.

CharmCharm Bracelet:
Bracelet is a lovely gift for the lady who is celebrating her birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other special day. A hanging birthstone or a metal charm in chain bracelet makes your bracelet exciting. Customized charm bracelet will delight any woman. Adding keepsakes may make them more popular. Bracelet with keepsake provides an authentic approach to recall the wonderful moments.


Prestige Jewelry club suggests- Know the length before buying a bracelet

Bracelets come in varying lengths. When shopping for the perfect bracelet consider what should be the ideal length to buy. To know the fit wrap a flexible tape around your wrist easily, write down the measure; now add 1 inch for total length of the bracelet. This should include clasps.

Practically, average size for women’s bracelet is 6.5 to 8 inches and for men it is about 8 inches.